CIP350 Cleaning in Place Uni
The CIP350/CIP unit is a mobile unit with a compact footprint. It enables you to perform cleaning in place (CIP) of equipment, pipework and vessels without dismantling. Connecting the system to your equipment is fast and easy.

 Brochure CIP350

CIP351 Fully Automated Cleaning in Place Unit
The CIP351 system is an automated CIP unit, that is designed to clean pilot plants without dismantling. Cleaning in place (CIP) is important for guaranteeing food safety in food processing plants. Our machine makes the cleaning process easier, more effective and, most importantly, safer, by minimizing direct operator contact with harmful cleaning detergents such as acid- and lye-based solutions. In this way, OMVE’s unit makes the working environment safer while also minimizing potential lab damage from spillages and other incidents.
 Brochure CIP351