Ozzago Company Limited was founded to serve the growing of liquid food processing market in Thailand. Such as Dairy, Beverage, Ice Cream, Prepared Food and Brewery Customer. The Liquid Food Engineering and solution is another one activity which we proud and be able to support.

  • Mixing Plant
  • Pasteurizer Unit
  • Cleaning In Place (CIP)

Basic Pasteurization Unit.

•  Ozza Bev B -2 
•  Ozza Milk M-2 

The unit is designed for Pasteurization of liquid food such as Juice,
Asian Drink products and Dairy products.

Basic design

Ozza Bev B-2 / Ozza Milk M-2 is a Pasteurization module.
All components are assembly and built on a stainless steel frame.
Scope of supply:

•  Balance tank (BTD) with floating control.
•  Centrifugal product feed pump.
•  Flow controller.
•  Plate heat exchanger (PHE) 
•  Holding tube.
•  Hot water set, incl. PHE, pump, steam valve, trap, 
   and expansion vessel, Shut - off valves, etc.
•  Control panel including; PLC / Regulator control, Pushbuttons, 
   Recorder, Solenoid valves, and Motor starters.
•  Automatic Pasteurization temperature control.
•  Automatic flow diversion, interlock system.
•  Internal CIP circulation