FS211 Clean-Fill®
The FS211 Clean-Fill® is a sterile downflow cabinet fabricated in stainless steel for maximum hygiene and cleanability and suitable for use with different closing devices. The integrated filler is controlled by a foot pedal and automated aseptic valves. The filling nozzle is part of the CIP and SIP process. Using the touchscreen, you can set and monitor the critical control points (CCPs) such as the sterilization time and temperature.

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FS212 Asepto-Fill®
Our FS212 Asepto-Fill® is an isolated sterile working chamber that enables the aseptic filling of samples in various containers. The operator fills pre-sterilized samples and closes them before placing them in an airlock chamber for discharge. This ensures the samples are 100% sterile, enabling the production of long-life UHT products that offer a six-month shelf life at ambient temperature. In particular, the Asepto-Fill® is ideal when shipping samples to customers or for conduction for shelf-life and stability studies. All critical control points (CCPs) are monitored during sterilizing in place (SIP), cleaning in place (CIP) and production, to ensure the highest level of food safety.

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FS218 Bag-in-Box Filler
OMVE’s FS218 aseptic bag-in-box filler provides the highest quality assurances for undertaking aseptic filling on a small scale. Pre-sterilized, double-membrane bags are connected to the filling chamber. The filling chamber and the top membrane are then flushed with steam to sterilize the product pathway. Next, the bag is filled and sealed at the bottom. The second flush with steam eliminates the chance of contaminating your product.

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FS205/ FS206 Counter-Pressure Filler
The FS205 and FS206 are counter-pressure fillers that work according to the same principal as an industrial filler. Their unique design supports the filling process for a broad range of carbonated products, including liquids containing particles and fibers. These fillers can be seamlessly integrated with our CF310 Batch carbonator, and are supplied with an integrated heat exchanger for optimal cooling of the product to improve the accuracy of the CO2 content. Additional options can be added to control or reduce foaming during filling.

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FS Closing Devices
When the product has been processed, it then needs to be packaged. To be effective, this crucial stage of the process depends on several key factors being right. Most importantly, the filling and closing and sealing functionality must be flexible and fit for purpose. This includes being able to facilitate shelf-life testing, being easy to operate and use in production.